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When a project is completed, or a user has contributed to all available tasks for that project, animated confetti will fall and a celebration message will be displayed.

Administrator rights required

To request administrator rights please get in touch by clicking the email icon in the footer of this page.

How do I open this page?

Admin rights are required to access this page. If you have admin rights:

  1. Sign in to your LibCrowds account.
  2. Click your username at the right of the naviation bar.
  3. Select Collection Admin from the dropdown menu.
  4. Locate the collection in the table and click Open.
  5. Select Celebration from dashboard menu on the left-hand side.

An animation showing a project completion celebration message
An animation showing a project completion celebration message


Edit the Markdown fields to customise the celebration messages. There are two types of message:

  • User completion: Displayed when a user has completed all available tasks but the project still requires more contributions.
  • Project completion: Displayed when a project is 100% complete. Note that this does not necessarily mean that the user has contributed to the project. The message will also be displayed if a user later attempts to access the URL of a completed project.

You can also choose the type of confetti that you want to fall.


To test out the messages you can click the 'Test user' and 'Test project' buttons at the top right of the dashboard page.